Tuesday, July 29, 2008

David Maillie, Google, and Ezine Articles

This was so brilliant I had to share this with all of you:

David Maillie said:

"Basically, there is a much deeper issue at play here. Its that the internet is over saturated with content and so great, quality content will rise to the top and poor quality rambles, thinly written articles and plagiarized content wil fall back where it belongs in the supplemental index. Google search keeps track of inbound links, references, stickiness (if someone is drawn to the website and looks at other pages or quickly clicks away) and more to measure the worthiness of a page of content. One super high quality, well written and researched article can easily give you better results than several thousand poorly or average written articles. There are some articles on the net that by themselves get more unique visits than all of the top 1000 authors here on ezinearticles put together! This is the theory behind linkbait - if you take the time to build it right, the masses will come."

David Maillie

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Great Stuff and an awesome combination Ezine Articles and Google! You Get A Cool Widget At Ezine Articles and A Place To House All Your Widgets With Google ;)

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me ;)

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