Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Google Me Zimbio

Zimbio has an awesome site. Write an article, ping your blog, create a wikizine, create a Zimbio.com widget to share all of your wikizines on Blogger or Wordpress. Ohhhhh... Whats a wikizine? Ok. :) A wikizine is very much like a Hubpage or Squidoo Lens. You add articles, links, photos, or graphics, videos, news, polls, notes, about, and history where other Zimbio users can add like items to contribute to your wikizine, like an online magazine with multiple writers and one creator :)

Create a wikizine cover page too! Your style, your magazine cover, you start a wikizine to begin discussing a new topic or to share what you know. When your wikizine has enough content Zimbio will publish it. So, keep adding content until its published for best results. It took me about a half an hour to get each of my wikizines published and full enough of content at Zimbio.

Check out my site at Zimbio http://www.Zimbio.com/member/Wavecritter

Get your current events on Zimbio as well. Today in Pictures, updated wikizines, topics in the news, sponsors, browse wikizines by title, inside current events, cast your votes, polls, and listings. All by clicking the current events tab near the top center of the home page. Click pictures, entertainment, style, or sports tabs or the "more" dropdown for much more. Many topics, find members, quick links, all updates, and whats new from your dashboard, quick links, and ping your blog, write an article, and get your browser button (nice tool for sharing finds along the way). This is so cool after you install, too easy when you are reading an article or visiting a site that is interesting and relevant to one of your wikizines, click the browser button, you will see the add content menu, select the zine where you would like to add and save your content to.

From there, you can choose the content you would like to bookmark (like the specific photo or feed), click save and you are done :) Then, quickly head right back to the site you started at.

Zimbio.com is very much like a micro mini blog, wiki, Squidoo Lens or Hubpage melded as one unique blog site.

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me

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John Wendell said...

I tried it, and i found it to be really interesting. I specially like the fact that i can creat my own portal, and shre it only with my family members, or my friends, or who ever i want. You got to try it,it is so unique,i think you will love it. I am hooked on Zimbio.com and makemoneykingdom.com The news are always up to date.