Friday, April 11, 2008

GOOGLE ME Blog Of The Day!

Ask Debra Perrine is a fantastic blog site. It is clean, crisp, and chock full of great stuff! One of the very hardest blogger platforms and layouts to create is one with a white background. Debra has decidedly created a brilliant stark white blog that in its perfection shines much like a newly laid white carpet in a 6 bedroom home.

The videos, photos, link lists, gadgets, widgets, and information are not to be missed. The pleasant and clean fashion which everything is presented leaves you with a sense of fashion and timelessness. Thanks Debra.
Stephanie Haile Google Me


bleuet said...

Steff, you are so kind and caring. You have such a positive way of making people feel good. Thanks for being you.

mike jackson said...

I like Debras blog.She has good articles and a white background can be very classy.

One Star Health said...

This site Rocks!