Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My VM Team "Virtual Marketing"

What a Brilliant Video! Virtual Marketing encompasses the whole spectrum of Social Media and Social network Marketing. Video peeks its way through Social Networks, Blogs, Free Advertising sites, Websites, and all across the World Wide Web. Google has a site for Video http://www.Video.Google.com and then http://youtube.com/wavecritter . These are two incredible Video sites to check out if you have not already been there to see them.

Windows Movie Maker is the free program most people have already on there computers and is quite easy to learn. I have a How To Video on YouTube for an overview on getting started with Windows Movie Maker.

Stephanie Haile


rhonda olin said...

Steff, you are awesome. You have been very helpful to many of us on the MyVMTeam who have needed assistance with our blogs and other marketing avenues. You "how-to" videos break everything down step-by-step so even the newbies can understand. Thanks.

Rhonda Olin - Google Me
My VM Team Elite Member

bleuet said...

I agree with you Steff.. i love the rythm, the choice of words is very appropriate...Excellent Job.

GFranklin said...

You do a great job Steff