Monday, April 21, 2008

Google Me The Movie and Jim Killeen

Jim Killeens adventure through the search engines of GOOGLE to the far corners of the Earth have given him a knowledge one can only obtain throughout the journey.

Our lives and technology have become interwoven. Computers are now a focus of our daily lives rather than an addition to the tasks we perform each day. Strictly checking our occasional emails has become a thing of the past. Bringing the computers out of the den and into the main living area of the home for researching information, watching videos and sometimes gathering advice on the many websites available through the world-wide web. GOOGLE has produced the greatest impression and has enabled web users to connect, seek, and ultimately locate each other.

Webster's Dictionary has included the word GOOGLE as a verb in their listings and has officially made it a part of the English Language. The definition of this word is to look up, investigate, to explore, to seek out, or acquire answers. The refreshing addition to our verbiage of the twenty first century, is not only clever but useful. This lone word was invented and given the use for and definition of, by a single company started as ideas in a college dormitory and exploded into a daily need of millions every day.

Jim Killeen has taken this search engine highway experience and turned it into a documentary soon to be released. The director and creator is working on this documentary of his travels seeking out other men of same name that he discovered while GOOGLE searching his own name.

Jim Killeens GOOGLE search of himself, ultimately set him on this quest for "himself". He found seven others labeled with the very name he was given at birth. His adventure takes off, quite literally, on an airplane to Ireland to meet with a man of the cloth. In his searches, he discovered a corporate VP in Saint Louis, a traffic engineer in Scotland, a retired Police Officer in New York, and a CEO in Australia. The adventure takes him along on his travels to meet the men who share his name from many different cities, towns, situations, and lifestyles. He was quoted to hold concern and hope by saying "I wanted them to be doing well in life."

Now that the film is in its final stages of development, Jim Killeen will be making public appearances, being highlighted in newspaper write ups, and being a guest speaker on radio spots. Technology is brilliant, but I think the doorway into a destiny does not always lead you to the same end. He traveled through the Internet door of a seemingly inhuman world, that brought him closer to the human interaction we crave and seek venturing onto the World Wide Web initially, but often are not aware of our needs until they present themselves.

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me


John Raines said...

very nice blog post.
It will be great listening to Jim Cobb of My VM Team and Google Me Talk Radio interview his special feature guest Jim Killeen maker of Google Me The Movie. - Ask John Raines-Google Me.

Debra Perrine - Google Me said...

Awesome post Stephanie! His show will certainly be interesting to say the least.

Gia said...

Google me Jim meets Google me Jim, what a show that'll be. Can't wait.

Gwendolyn Allen "Google Me" aka Gia2054

Gia said...

Hi Steph, that was an exhilarating show last night, Jim Cobb interviewing Jim Killeen Google Me The Movie, WooHoo!

Gwendolyn Allen "Google Me" aka Gia 2054

Stephanie Haile said...

Google Me Jim Cobb and Jim Killeen! What an awesome combination! Check it out

Dorothy Lanman said...

Like you said Stephanie " often we do not know what our needs are until they present themselves.
Every one needs to check out with Jim Killeen.

Google Dorothy Lanman

Margie Franklin said...

Double J Power...Jim Cobb and Jim Killeen. Powerful and inspiring message. I recommend that everyone listen to BlogTalkRadio to hear the recording of Jim Killeen, Google Me The Movie and purchase the DVD, as well.

Margie Franklin,