Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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"Operation from the " Muehlburg"

At the foreland of the
Thuringia Forest
between the cities
Arnstadt and Gotha
are prominent castle
silhouettes outlined
against the landscape.
If you driving on the
Autobahn across this
area, you can see this
wonderful panorama.
It is the scenic
imposing terrain of
the steeped
"Drei Gleichen". The name originated from the 11th
century castle Gleichen (THB-037) and the Muehlburg
(THB-36) constructed in the year 704.
The adjacent "Veste Wachsenburg"(THB-088) was build
up in the 10th-century. The two castles are seperated
around 6 miles. Only ruins remain from the first two
castles, while the "Veste Wachsenburg" is the best preserved
castle of the three."


Stephanie Haile said...

The castles of Germany are brilliant!

askGerhard-Kaiser said...

Hi Steff,
I will post a lot more in the future about castles in Germany and other countries in Europe.
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