Saturday, March 8, 2008

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"How many times have we tried something, anything, ...and failed? Speaking for myself, I would have to say many times. How many times have we had such an over whelming passionate idea that when writing about it, we tend to think quicker than our fingers can type? Our hearts are beating to a different drum than the tapping of our key boards can stay in rhythm with so we find ourselves hitting the backspace key more often than not?

Being so passionate as to stay at our keyboards regardless of sleep, nutrition, a ringing phone, or doorbell...what an awesome natural high. Exhausting to be sure! But the end result we know will pay off in the long run. Our due diligence being paid, we set back to give our hard work one last look...hit the send button and relax for a moment.

Having completed our work we suddenly realize that our blood, sweat and tears may a hole in it somewhere! Now we must go back through all we thought we had achieved, as being meticulous
as we thought we were being, to find the air that escapes us. Oh the misery! ... Our passion is sinking right before our eyes. Will we just give up and let it sink? Or will be dive down to save our work, our passion, our dream?

It is one thing to have lost something you hold dear to your heart. It is an entirely different thing to see the loss as it is happening, and do nothing to save it, or at least try to salvage what we can, so as to begin again. Keeping our dream alive! Keeping our passion from complete and utter failure as those on the side lines watch as you dive down again and again. Never offering help. Just watching"... READ MORE:

Lana Benton's words are so visual and true, I appreciate the honest tone with advice from the heart. Visit Lana's blog today to see her new thoughts, you'll be glad you did :)
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