Friday, March 14, 2008

More GOOGLE Products!

Holy Cow Does GOOGLE Rock Or What! have you checked ALL of the tools, services, and products that GOOGLE has to offer!

Alerts, Blogsearch, Booksearch, Checkout, desktop, Earth, Finance, Goog411, iGoogle, Images, Maps, News, Notebook, Patent Search, Product Search, Scholar, Special Searches, Toolbar, Video, Websearch, Websearch Features, Code, Custom Search, Labs, Blogger, Calendar, Docs, Gmail, Groups, Orkut, Picasa, Reader, Sketchup, Talk, Translate, Mobile, SMS, Pack, and Web Accelerator. What a deal GOOGLE has for you!

Stephanie Haile

1 comment:

John Raines said...

wow all this stuff is great - if we learn to take advantage of it