Sunday, March 23, 2008

Google Me - Can U Digg It?

Digg is a useful and fun little social network in itself, as well as being a collection place for cool, interesting, websites and articles! There is a Digg - ometer of sorts, that reflects the community opinion of a particular article or site that others thought "Diggable" When someone submits content ... others choose whether it is good or not by ranking its "diggability" factor!

Looking At This Image above, you will notice that Digg has Widgets, and a Digg Channel! "Integrating with Digg
CollegeHumor created a custom Digg Channel featuring the most popular videos, images, and articles as voted on by the Digg community. They've also added Digg widgets highlighting upcoming and popular stuff."
Also notice the "Digg" Ratings located near the side of the content. More people like your submissions...more "Diggability" Ratings! ;)
Enjoy Digg
Stephanie Haile Google Me :) AKA Wavecritter

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