Monday, March 24, 2008

How To My BlogLog

My BlogLog is an intense site with many advantages to bloggers in the Internet world!
I have created a How To My BlogLog video for some very basic instruction on getting started on this amazing site!

This site will ping and spider for you, set up in depth keyword availability to your blogs and social networks, lists all of your urls and sites, has space for a bio, links, personal photos, sites like Facebook, Bebo, Friendster, and many, many more.... This is a hub of sorts for your blogs and other social sites and networks, creating an awesome all in one area for a compilation of your sites and blogs for all to see, comment on, communities for each of your blogs, and then join to meet others of like mind or interests! Brilliant.
Stephanie Haile Google Me ;)


askGerhard-Kaiser said...

Hi Stephanie,
thank`s for all Your help!
Nice to have You in our myVMTeam!
Gerhard Kaiser - Google me

Wyverex said...

Awesome video thanks!

mike jackson said...

Hi Stephanie

Bloglog video is great,looks kinda intense.Thanks for making these videos they really help out.

Michael Jackson

MUDDOG357 said...

Just found MyBlogLog too, great seo site

ToddSampson said...

Hey Stephanie... Thanks so much for the great video!!! We really appreciate you taking the time to put this together. It's fantastic.

Co-founder, MyBlogLog

P.S. I saw on your MyBlogLog profile you are in Cocoa Beach. I grew up on Merritt Island -- small world.

Scott OBrien said...

Thanks Stephanie... Great Video! Bloglog looks great! I think it will take me the rest of today to sign up for all those services! :)
Scott OBrien

John Raines said...

Thanks for this video - I dont know what we would do without you! Cool Peas - John Raines Google Me