Thursday, June 19, 2008

Google Me Marilyn Swanson

Marilyn Swanson On YouTube

" When you Google Marilyn Swanson, you will find her profile on page one. Check out the rest of Marilyn Swanson's sites.
Name: Marilyn
Earning a living as an online entrepreneur just how I like it. No commute, no worries about the rising fuel cost and best of all, I am my own boss.
Country: Canada
Occupation: Online Entrepreneur
Interests and Hobbies: I love working online, reading select magazines (mostly business), writing, spending time alone to gather my thoughts and ideas and nature walks.
Movies and Shows: Action, drama, comedy.
Music: Varied.....if it is good, I will listen. Country, Rock, Blues, Classical.
Books: Self-help books and books that help boost the positive attitude."

Marilyn Swanson has an awesome blogsite and YouTube page. Visit her today :)

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