Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Virtual Worlds Lead The Social Network Game

Holy Cow! Have you seen the coolest of the coolest in the Social Networking World? Have you gotten hooked up with the Virtual World Phenomenon Yet? This is the coolest thing EVER!!!! Well, so far anyways :) You never know whats coming next :)

With the changes and advancements on the Internet, the changes and "fluffs" on there way will be bigger, better, and cooler as they introduce them all. has a virtual world, has Avatar Towns, and...... Drum Roll Please..... Lucy at has Meez Nation! Check Out These New Neighborhoods!


If you're smart, savvy & sexy, this is the urban Hood for you! Includes 50 Cent's virtual office.
Visit Uptown

This is the Hood where creative folks can let their imaginations roam!
Visit Arcadia

Chillax at blissful beaches, calm cafes & laid back lounges!
Visit Chillville (PS This is where you will find Wavecritter :)

Hell's Kitchen
This is the Hood full of energy & attitude!
Visit Hell's Kitchen

This is the place to start - chat and hang out in 3D!
Visit Burbia

Posh Heights
This is the exclusive location for luxury lovers & the nearly famous!
Visit Posh Heights

Holy Cow! What are you waiting for? Get on over to for some Virtual World Fun! Say Hi To Lucy and look up Wavecritter :)

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me
Visit Wavecritter on Meez :)

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mike jackson said...

Thats pretty darn cool,i will have to check this one out.