Friday, June 20, 2008

Google Me Spammers Will Spam

Spammers Will Spam

To have an affect on any type of group, the change involves a well thought out plan of action. Problems need solutions. But, where to focus the energy and change?

Spammers will spam, cheaters will cheat, and the majority of people in that group will end up getting scammed, slighted, or knowing someone else from the group who has been. Do we as a group, team, or organization focus our energy, time, and resources on the negative? Do we as a unit attempt to stop these sorts of behaviors from happening? I say, focus the groups attention on empowering the group to become aware of exactly how to discern positivity and quietly dismiss any negativity.

Now, of course, negativity comes in many forms. The blatant bashing of any business, group, or team member is quite obvious to everyone and directly in your face and very seldom welcomed with open arms. Especially, if the team member or business opportunity is not at all the vision of the painted picture by the basher. But, there are other, more subtle forms of negative energy that can infect an organization. If that team is working together toward a common goal and a single member or a few are attempting to drive the team in multiple directions, this action can break or slow significantly the momentum of the teams force. Creating confusion is the first step in losing focus and if your team loses their focus, their goals become blurry, the get side-tracked, and the team has to then create this momentum yet again. To Be Continued Tomorrow:

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me ;)

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