Saturday, June 21, 2008

Google Me Spammers Will Spam Part Two

Visualize yourself at the bottom of a hill, not a huge mountain, but a rolling hill in the Highlands of Scotland for instance. You have a task to push a boulder the size of you up to the top of this hill and back down the other side. The struggle is great at first, but as you near the summit, you begin to see your team lending a hand, the boulder slides easily to the top throughthe perseverance and team work. Once the momentum has begun, getting this mass to the other side becomes effortless as you happily guide it down the other side.

What if you encounter a patch of ruts and rocks, tree roots or bushes that fall in your path up the first side? Will your task be as easy with these obstacles? This is the result of group members that attempt to pull other team members in another direction by taking away the team focus. Figure a way to go around, over, under or through such things. As a team work together to fill the ruts, relocate the branches, or chart a new path around the tree roots. Becoming aware that you can never entirely rid any team of these trials or challenges or the members that insist on presenting them will benefit any organization immensely.

Focus on creating awareness. If you have chosen your business, service, or product wisely and are excited about it, share it, and network with team members that are collectively marketing the same. Understand yourself first that there will be included in this group, some who are not focused on the product, service, or business choices the team members personally made. These members generally get involved in many opportunities, never seeming to focus on one or two that work synergistically. If you have found something brilliant, focus on the brilliance. When you make a choice, first choose, then make that choice the correct or right one for you. As a team, focus on what is right with the group, not what is wrong. Alert the right thinkers in advance that they may be introduced to or happen upon multiple other ways to produce income. Until we all focus on what we have, we will all end up like the dog with his bone. A stray dog had found a meaty bone laying alongside the road he travelled on. He was so excited about it and went to show all of his friends. The dog held this bone in his mouth proudly strutting down the street. The cat, bird, and turtle were all happy for him. When he came to the pond to look for his friend fish, he bent his head down and saw his reflection. He immediately was started because he saw another dog in the water and not his friend fish and to top it all off, that dog had a bigger bone than he did! That wasn't going to happen to dog, no, so he opened his mouth to acquire that other bone.

In the end, the dog lost both bones, the real one and the visualized one too. Keep this story in mind as you build your teams, groups, businesses, or organizations and keep focus on what you do have, not what you think someone else has.

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google Me ;)

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marswan said...

I love the story about the little dog, even though I had heard it before. It certainly doesn't hurt to be reminded to appreciate what we do have....both in our personal lives and in business. Marilyn Swanson - Google me